What We Do

  • Small scale business purchases from China

Are you someone with a small amount of capital who has a dream of buying goods from China for your personal trading in Nigeria, but you don’t know how to navigate all the complicated rules and regulations, including acquiring the necessary import and export licenses?

The wonderful thing is, you no longer need to worry about that because this is what we specialize in. We are here to help you. With our solid connections on the ground in China, we are able to assist you as you begin your trade on to the item being placed on a boat and arriving in Nigeria.

We would love to work with you with what little capital you possess to help kick-start your purchases from China. We will assist you in completing your purchase and having it shipped to Nigeria within a short period of time at a very affordable price. We want to do this, so we can be an encouragement to you and help your business succeed. This way, you can grow your business until it develops and accrues enough profits to accumulate huge amounts of capital which you can reinvest in your company to grow a bigger business. We are ready when you are.

  • Business Representation/product sourcing or shipment from China

If your business requires a personal representative in China who is able to transact business on your behalf, whether it be to purchase goods in large quantities on your behalf and ship them to Nigeria, sign agreements on your behalf, supervise and oversee quality of an ongoing production, or any other representation you may need, we at Daxfo Global Resources Limited are able to use our many resources in China to effectively provide whatever level of representation you need. Just let us know what your request is and we will work with you to get it done on time.