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Experience what makes us unique and a cut above similar organizations.

Human needs and wants are insatiable and endless, from personal to household, family, organizational needs and so on. On a daily basis, humans purchase items they need and want. While some buy items because it’s affordable or because they like it, countless others prioritize their purchases based on a high level of quality that will last for a very long time. Whichever way we look at it, the fact remains that people make purchases based on their preferences.

We became aware of reports regarding substandard and low quality products in the Nigerian marketplace. Some of these products were said to lose their quality and usefulness rapidly after a short time; thus being a poor investment for the buyer despite the savings on the price.

Because of this, once we decided to venture into business, Daxfo Global Resources Limited determined we would make it a top priority to satisfy our clients by providing them with quality products at an affordable rate. We believe in this so strongly that if a customer is not satisfied with the quality of any of our products, it can be returned for an exchange or refund if necessary.

Since countless numbers of products consumers buy are not made domestically, wholesalers and retailers needs to purchase them from other countries and ship them to Nigeria. For the products produced in Nigeria, there are still some consumers who prefer to buy an imported version of the item.

At Daxfo Global Resources Limited, we engage in international trading, both import and export, consulting, overseas business representation, logistics and international product sourcing, and general merchandise.

We arrange for the importation of goods from China to satisfy the needs of our clients in Nigeria. We also ensure that the goods shipped to Nigeria are of excellent quality. In this way we hope to continue building a more patriotic customer base. In the near future, we will extend our import and export skills to other parts of the world based on the needs of our clients in Nigeria.

Currently, Daxfo Global Resources Limited engages in wholesale, retail and direct sales to all consumers. We will work with you to find the perfect fit regarding the right product for all your budgetary and quality needs. When it comes to dealing with us, be assured of a win-win situation.

We pride ourselves on being rooted on a foundation of fairness, sincerity and thoughtfulness, with a priority on ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting our page today and we do hope to do business with you!